Phoenix Fund for Special Needs Animals

The Phoenix Fund: How Your Support Makes A Difference.

On a 17-degree winter day, a Minnesota shelter received a call about a white German Shepherd who lay dying on the side of the road. The shelter, ill-equipped to care for the animal, contacted Pet Haven for help. We didn’t hesitate. The nameless, abandoned dog came to us with a broken leg, severe mange, double ear infection, road rash, multiple lacerations, and weighed in at a heartbreaking 40 pounds. We named this gaunt, yet gallant gent Phoenix, in honor of the mythological bird who was given new life and rose from the ashes. We’re proud to report, not only did Phoenix heal physically, he came to accept the kindness of his caregivers and learned to trust people. 8 months later, he was welcomed into his new family as a happy and healthy angel of a dog.

When you support the Phoenix Fund, 100% of your donations and recurring monthly gifts are used for veterinary care. We regularly partner with more than a dozen local clinics that offer significant rescue discounts for services.  Thanks to them, we are able to stretch your dollars to provide more services to more animals, saving more lives.

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